IKEA 2012 Catalogue!

There are few things I anticipate every year. My birthday, Christmas, things like that. But there is one event that is not a holiday, but an event of an extraordinary tome releasing itself on to the public. The moment I find it on my doorstep is enough to brighten me for the rest of the day. That tome, is the IKEA catalogue.

Excuse the blurriness, I hate my camera.

374 pages of pure inspiration is what it is to me. In fact, I was so inspired I decide to reorganize and super clean my room to the point it looked like it could be in one of the pages. Made my wardrobe a book shelf, changed my bed lay out, move my Catholic Shrine, organized my desk, added some colour, and made the room brighter. And I’m not stopping there. Tomorrow I’m tackling my bathroom, and on Saturday, the kitchen and breakfast table. And when Sunday strikes, it’s time for the living room.  Yes, one single catalouge can make you go borderline hysterical.

If you didn’t find it on your door step or mailbox, go right now to the nearest IKEA store. That’s an order.


You may speak now.

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