An Optimism Break

Here in Canada, Maxwell House (The brand of coffee) started a campaign, I guess is what you would call it, for optimism( ) Basically what it wants us to do is post a video, image or story that makes us smile, that makes us feel “half-full”.

They have little commercials on TV that show some of the videos or stories posted, one features a little girl dancing and singing about how much she loves her life and everything and everyone in it, and is unknowingly being filmed, until the end of the video. Another features a man that was once homeless, who turned in a wallet that contained a large amount of money. After that, a series of fortunate events occurred, and he now has his own house, and has a bright future ahead of him. Pretty happy stuff, eh?

So, I decided to follow along and write a post on something that makes me smile, and makes me feel half full, maybe even restores faith in humanity. And that thing, is one of my favourite blogs featuring a middle aged woman and school teacher, who is on her journey to losing enough weight to qualify for a weight loss surgery. She has her ups and downs, but she is always trying. She posts healthy recipes, her goals, her stats, and writes often on how she’s doing. She’s very charismatic, and her post as interesting as well. Please do check her out! @

And no, I was not paid to write that.


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