My Newfound Love of the Grill

Last weekend my family hosted a barbecue party, and I was chosen to co-man the grill. My brother was the first choice to do the job, but he teared up within a few minutes of being in the midst of the smoke, so I was the next choice. Last weekend was actually the first time we used our grill. You see we were never really the “grilling types”. The grill works really well, although it did burst into flames at one point, but that’s a different story…

I spent a good 85% of  the party next to my grill. That’s right, MY grill. We were inseparable. Kebobs, Chicken, Steak, you know classics, were what we served up. The flavour was different than what I was used to. The fresh smokiness that the grill provides, along with the beautiful grill marks, and the slightly charred crunchy parts are some of the many things that draw me to him. Yes it’s a him. I just know it.

I decided to take this opportunity to try something I stumbled upon months ago, but never really had the chance to try. And that was renowned Canadian Food Network Chef, Michael Smith’s recipe for Grilled Pineapple Salad. You can try the recipe out for yourself, here it is:

And just to make my post look pretty here is a picture of it.

  A delicious, sweet, bold, and surprisingly smoky salad. I recommend it!


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