Hiding From A Tornado

Southern Ontario, the place I call home (Which contains 35% of the Canadian population) is under an attack from Mother Nature. Environment Canada and the Weather Network issued a Tornado Weather Warning. There is a tornado taking Toronto by storm (pun intended).

So I’m here in my little storm cellar (my basement) hiding from the treachery above me, blogging and watching CP24 for more updates on the storm. I’ve seen pictures full-on funnel clouds on Twitter a few kilometers away from my home, and I saw lightning touch down in front of my house. And we hardly ever get tornadoes. So we are an unprepared mess. Wish us luck! Mostly to the poor folks in the Niagara region which is were it’s hitting hardest!

On a lighter note, Off to watch a Disney Classic now, Mulan!

Note: This post was written an hour and a half  ago, and the storm now has subsided. It would have been posted during the storm, but my computer was acting up. 😛


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