Re-discovering an Old Favourite Band

You know that feeling when you come home from a long tiring day, and turn up the radio to find that an old favourite song from an old favourite band is playing? You end up dancing and singing around the room, feeling as joyful as ever. And doing a duet verse with your Skull desk partner, Richard? (I think that’s just me.)

That’s how I felt today. After a long day of driving in a stuffy back seat of a BMW 325i (a car that can only be comfortable if there are two people in the back seat, rather than the three that was occupying in my ride) cross-border shopping, going to restaurants and sightseeing, being held up by border police, cutting tags and organizing clothes, and having your coat rack fall apart twice, I really needed some lightening up. Then I thought I heard a familiar drum beat on the radio. I turned it up, and it was Bedouin Soundclash’s hit single “When The Night Feels My Song“. ( ) The ultimate happy song if you ask me. (If you haven’t heard of Bedouin Soundclash, look them up! They’re a Canadian Alternative Rock and Reggae band. I actually remember the first time I heard that song. It was during a Zellers Commercial a few years back. The song made it my favourite commercial, and prompted me to look the  song up, and eventually, making me a big fan of them.)

I ended up listening to their whole YouTube play list, and having my throat super sore from all that singing.

If any one else had an else had an experience like this please do share in the comments! If not, just share an old favourite band you haven’t listened to in a while.


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