Love, Sex, Beauty, and Fertility: Etymology and The Awesomness of Friday

You may or may not be aware, but “Taku” is simply just an alias of mine. In a general sense,  Taku (拓) is the Japanese word for: to expand, open, and pioneer. It is almost always used for a males name, and as you should know, I’m female. The reason why I use it as an alias, is because it’s a simple shortened version of my user name on Crunchyroll, a site that sadly, I hardly frequent anymore due to my plummeting interest in anime.

Although, I would love to give you my name, it would kind of defeat the purpose of using an alias, so I’ll just tell you one thing about it. In my fathers native language, it means a “female born on Friday“. All my life I thought it was pretty cool to be named after everyone’s favourite day, but now that I really looked into the etymology of the word Friday, I’m even prouder.

Apparently the English word for Friday comes from the foremost Norse Goddess of Marriage, motherhood, love and fertility, named Frigg or Frigga. She was Odin, the main Norse God’s wife. Frigga and another Norse goddess, Freyja, share many similarities, and scholars theorized that they may have been the same deity. Freyja represents love, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr (A kind of Norse sorcery or witchcraft), war, and death.


The Latin Word For Friday is dies Veneris, or the day of Venus. Venus is the Roman Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility. And since French, Italian, and Spanish mainly branch from Latin, their word for Friday is Vendredi (fr.), Venerdi (itl.),  and Viernes (esp.), which all mean “Venus’s Day” or Friday. The Planetary symbol for Venus is also the Feminine symbol.

In Greek, Aphrodite translates to Venus in English. Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Sexuality.

The Birth Of Venus. (According to this picture, I guess it's safe to assume Uranus' genitals is a clam shell?)

But all great things have their quirks, and for me, that is the birth of Aphrodite/Venus. She/they were born from the severed, foaming genitals of Uranus, that were tossed into the sea. Gosh, that’s disturbing.

And of course there is the infamous Rebecca Black viral hit “Friday” that I have mixed feelings toward…

But all in all, Friday in my opinion, is the best day of the week! It combines the elements of school/work and a weekend. It’s great. TGIF.

(Ha, I should wait until Friday to post this, but I’m real impatient when it comes things like that.)


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