Evil Fall Prank


Fall is looming upon us. Days are getting colder and shorter, Fall produce is slowly making its way in, and stores are starting their Halloween early. And of course, leaves will fall. For those of us who live in South Eastern Canada/North Eastern US, it means raking a lot of leaves. Heaps of them. This can be quite the mundane task, so to brighten it up, I present to you this Evil Fall Prank.

  1. Find something big and hard on your lawn. (eg. fire hydrant, tree stump, electrical generator)
  2. Rake up your leaves and assemble the pile in a way that will have your object right in the middle of your pile, hidden of course.
  3. Find some dope and ask them if they want to jump in your pile. If at first they refuse, try to persuade them, but don’t get to persistent. Even the dopiest of dopes might catch on.
  4. Sit back with a slice of pumpkin pie and watch them belly flop hard into your pile, and onto your object. LOL.


DISCLAIMER: Do not try this anywhere! This is just a joke tutorial and under no circumstances should you ever do this to someone! You could kill them.


2 responses to “Evil Fall Prank

  1. lolol…I love your drawings. This made me chuckle while I was supposed to be working, oh well–it was worth it. πŸ™‚

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