More Cow Poetry


A few posts a go, I shared with you an amazing happenstance of epic proportions. I wrote my first poem, a haiku about a cow. Well, it turns out cows are the only things that poetically inspire me, because today I wrote three more.

If there’s a drink I love to drink,

it’s probably milk.

You will never find me pouring it into the sink

So delicious, creamy, and as smooth as silk.

Veal, what a cruel food you are.

A little baby cow, sliced up, cooked, and charred.

I would never eat a piece of veal

Baby cows do not make a good meal.

You come in brown,

and black spots too.

Your hair is as soft as down,

and I love the way you moo.

These poems are quatrain poems. They have four lines, and usually one pair of lines would rhyme and the other pair would rhyme.


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