Why I am NOT the Artist of the Duo

Scasm is an amazing artist. All our peers marvel at her elegant, captivating works, including myself. Time is nothing to her, and abilities and ideas are endless. I am in awe at her nail designs. I could never dream to be able to create such small, detailed, sharp, and amazing designs on something as tiny as a 1-by-1cm nail.

Me struggling to paint...

I, on the other hand, am very anxious. I try to keep track of everything, and get frustrated very easily. My hands are shaky and twitchy, and I have trouble coming up with a clear vision of what I want. When I think hard, nothing comes out.

And those darn acrylic tubes. I’ll spend more time trying to get the crap out of those things than actually filling my canvas with vibrant colours. I’ll have some weird spasm in my arm, probably caused by over concentration and anxiety, causing me to toss my paintbrush out of my hands.

I can express myself with words, much better than I can with drawing and painting. (Although my Sharpie cartoons do a pretty good job at that!) Creative writing, wordplay, and wit, mean more to me than designs, fine lines, and shades.

And that is why am not, and can never be the artist of the duo.


You may speak now.

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