The Best Models in the World

If there were such and award, I think the prize would go to flowers. I could go on and on about how amazing flowers are, but I’ll stop at three.

First of they have a personality of gold. They don’t say much, but their presence is so calming and serene, I think I might prefer to be in a room full of them for and hour, than a room full of people for the same time. They never refuse a photo, or cancel out on you, and always look their best.

Secondly, a healthy flower is a beautiful flower. Now I don’t mean to stereotype anyone, but there are many sad cases in which models put themselves into dangerously unhealthy situations, to look their best and keep their job. Flowers, on the other hand, don’t look too good when withered up and underfed.

And lastly, their hair doesn’t frizz up when being photographed in fog, humidity, or light rain.

All that said, this morning was perfect weather for a nice outdoor photo shoot. Scasm has told me that cloudy, foggish weather was perfect for taking photographs. And this mornings weather was nothing but foggy. You would have a 50m radius of sight, and anything farther would be a simple silhouette or just consumed by the light gray fog.

In the midst of this environmental perfection, I decided to take some pictures of my garden.

This is the first photo shoot I’ve ever done, so your critique is welcome, encouraged even. After I get a bit better, I’ll do another shoot of my lovely ladies.

Taken with Scasm’s Canon PowerShot SD 780 IS.

I didn’t edit these pictures.


2 responses to “The Best Models in the World

  1. You are perfectly right 🙂

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