Happy Birthday Google!

At 3:44, I got home. At 4:00 I logged onto my computer. And at 4:04, I mindlessly went to Google. (I don’t think I’m alone in saying Google is my go to page if I don’t know what to do. ) And then I saw it. The cute, colourful, clay commemoration doodle to Google’s Birthday. ZOMFG. Google turns 13.

Billions upon billions of searches, millions upon millions of users and fans, all accumulated during thirteen awesome years of rocking out and being the best search engine a search engine can be. And there is something to be said about their hilarious, yet  adorable April Fools pranks and hoaxes, and their creative, and sometimes even interactive doodles.

When something so epically wonderful celebrates it’s anniversary, you can’t go empty handed right? So with a little sheet of paper, a couple of crayons and a Sharpie, and a little bit of warmth in my heart, I drew this simple picture for you, Google.

We here at SofD love you. The world loves you. I love you. And don’t you forget it.


You may speak now.

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