Cars: A New Addition and Some Family History

Yesterday my Dad came home with a new car.

“Guys, come down and see it!” he calls.

Me and my siblings filed down the stairs and out the door to see her. Our new car.

At first I didn’t know what to make of it. All I saw was a big black blur. My mind was racing. Where is she? My German beauty? My BMW!?

My father has recently starting contemplating on trading in our my BMW 325i in for a 2010 Honda Pilot. I laughed it off, since this was about the fifth time such a topic came up since our new life with her (the BMW). But I did not see this coming. Who knew he would actually do it this time!?

And so, I start to collect myself. Although I was a bit mad I didn’t get a chance to say good bye, I decided to climb in and poke around.

The whole dashboard looks like a robot. Too many buttons and do-higgeys. OK fine, I admit, it is pretty cool. And there’s a DVD player in it too. Oh and a rear view camera. The whole thing is like a robot.

This new car will be a new addition not only to our family, but to our history of cars, which I will share with you. Although I don’t remember too many details of all of them, I’ll try my best.

Unknown Construction Van (Years Present: ????-1998. I hardly remember this one, but I do know it was gray. It was the kind of van that only has two front seats and a big empty back)

Rusty Chevy (Year’s Present: 1999-2001. This piece of shit does not deserve any commentary)

GMC Safari Van (Years Present: 1998-2006. This was my moms car. It started to break down a bit a year after her death)

Dodge Ram Pickup (Years Present: 2001-2011. But my dad gave it to one of his close friends, so I still see her often. She is probably the one the family was closest too, and most people identify it as our family car, and was easily recognized because of it’s bright, bold red colour)

2006 BMW 325i  (Years Present: 2009-2011. My German Baby. She was beautiful man. Beautiful.)

1999 Hyundai Elantra [hatchback] (Years Present: 2011- . This is just as shitty as our old forgotten rusty Chevy. It’s basically the colour of Parakeet shit. It’s probably the worst car we had. The friggen back windows don’t even roll down. It’s terrible man. My dad says it’s just a temporary “work car” and as soon as it deems unusable, it’s out.

2010 Honda Pilot (Years Present 2011 [yesterday]- . She’s new. She’s kinda cool, but I’m a bit unsure. Even though it looks twice as big as our BMW, It feels much lighter. Like the wind is ready to blow us right of the road. But she’s OK.


2 responses to “Cars: A New Addition and Some Family History

  1. Wow, I find it fascinating that you remember all your family’s cars. And that you assign them gender. I like it! And on a serious note, I’m sorry for your loss of your mom. Hope that’s not too weird coming from a stranger.

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