Confession #2. It’s the Photographer, Not the Camera

When my interest in photography first sparked, the number one thing on my priorities list was to get a Digital SLR camera. You know, the big bulky ones the pros carry around strapped to their neck while a 30cm lens pokes out in front. I started saving up for one, with the idea in my head that I could never take an acceptable picture with a “measly” point and shoot.

But fate had something else in mind, as Scasm decided to lend me her point and shoot when she found out I was saving for a camera. I happily agreed. Sure, it’s not bulky, but I guessed it would do for now. Scasm told me that she might let me use her SLR for a shoot some time in the near future and I pissed my self with excitement.

The Lovely Lady Herself

It’s been more than a month since she lent me her point and shoot, and I love it. I’m getting better and better, and I’m well adjusted to using a point and shoot. And to sharpen my newly found point and shoot potential, I ventured into the internet to find tips and tutorials on how to take great pictures with a point and shoot. After all this, I began to realize that it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer. If you have a good eye for photos, and creative mind abundant with ideas, as well as a steady hand, you could take masterpieces with even a disposable camera.  What’s a fool, with the latest, most expensive equipment? Nothing.


You may speak now.

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