Fantastic Mr.Pig

I was bored, and in kind of a funk, but I managed to pull together and do a little shoot on my desktop with a pig key chain I was given to for my birthday a few years back. The white background thing was done with a simple sheet of computer paper. Poor mans backdrop.

But first, let me tell you about Fantastic Mr. Pig, and the tragic tale of the loss of his wife.

It was my birthday and two of my friends (Scasm included) put together this awesome sort of pig themed birthday present package. It was probably the most amazing gift I’ve ever received on my special day. Fantastic Mr. Pig, and Lovely Mrs. Pig were given to me together, as they always were. My friends mom took the liberty of shoplifting spending her hard earned money on them for me. Now isn’t that just the sweetest thing. And how kind of her to take Fantastic Mr. Pig and Lovely Mrs. Pig together. Now, while Lovely Mrs. Pig stayed at home serving as an ornament in my room (she always loved her job), Fantastic Mr. Pig was often tagging along with me on all the mundane everyday wonderful, magical adventures I took part in. And when I got home, I put them together and he would tell her about my boring amazing life. But I always felt that Lovely Mrs. Pig should see the world for herself. So, one day, instead of attaching Fantastic Mr. Pig on my keys, I fastened on Lovely Mrs. Pig. She was quite anxious, but ended up falling asleep in love with the new world around her. But then came the tragic happenstance. Lovely Mrs. Pig was kidnapped!

And to this day Fantastic Mr. Pig has been in quite the depression, and Lovely Mrs. Pigs whereabouts are unknown.

The end. πŸ™‚

Now, without further ado, presenting…Fantastic Mr. Pig!

(Also, from now on, I will be adding a copyright thing at the corner of each photograph I take)


2 responses to “Fantastic Mr.Pig

  1. That just might be the cutest pig key chain I’ve ever seen πŸ™‚ Please forward my sympathies and let him know I’m hoping he’ll see his wife again soon. You both just have to keep faith that she’s alive and well πŸ˜‰

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