Consumed By Photography: My Game Plan to Get Back on Top

It’s happened to me. It’s probably happened to a lot of people who went from creative writer to photographer. My photography took over. I have become consumed by it! My posts have less and less words every time! I went from humorous essays to photos with half-assed captions. I have become…A PHOTOBLOGGER!

Now you must be wondering, is that a good thing? What’s wrong with photoblogging? Well, if your asking me this, your probably new to this blog, or clueless. Or normal. Well, I am NOT and artist. I’m not, I’m not, I’m NOT! I am not artsy, I don’t have cute trinkets all over the place, and I don’t run around taking pictures. OK I do. But I don’t want to! That’s just the part of me that dominates at the present moment. While the other me is kind of being squashed by this me. I mean, that me. What is the other me? The me I kind of want to come back. My inner snarker, goof-ball, nerd, grammar obsessed, and filter-free mouthed me! I WANT IT BACK.

An avid Occupy "Other Me" protester, as she enthusiastically refuses eviction notices,

But wait, let’s go back to the question asked. What is wrong with photoblogging? Nothing really. It’s just that, I miss being a writer, I miss being able to just write great stuff of of thin air. But once it does come back, I’m sure I’ll miss this me. Well, not as much as I miss that me now. But I will miss it. Why can’t I just be balanced?! Is that so much to ask?! Or is balance just an unattainable, unreachable dream? But who am I asking to get me back anyway? It is up to me, after all. It always was.

So what am I going to do about it? I guess it all comes down to what I choose to put on this blog. To stop caring what other people think. I’m not blogging to please anybody, or to get famous or anything. I just blog because it’s fun. And me being overly selective and obsessive about the content and what I put up, is starting to make it, well, NOT fun. And when I’m not having fun blogging, the blog starts to reek of boring, unachievableperfection“. And that is not something I want to put my name on.

I have calmed down a bit now, and am starting to come up with some ideas to make blogging fun again. To kind of abandon this whole “photoblogging” essence of my work, and focus a bit more on writing. But don’t worry one bit. Photography is, and always will be a hobby. And JUST that. Nothing more, nothing less. So still expect there to be photos.

Thank you for listening to my plea/rant thing. Good night everybody.


4 responses to “Consumed By Photography: My Game Plan to Get Back on Top

  1. Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much. You have a great blog here. Thanks again for sharing.

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    – Writers Wanted –

  2. Both are creative ways to express your thought. In writing you strive to create the scenery through your words so your reader can easily imagine where you are or what you are doing. With photography, you attempt to capture a scene and relay the story behind the scene. In both cases, depending upon how well you did your creative work, the reader will find the piece enjoyable.

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