Happy New Year…

It’s been 1 month and 12 days since I last posted, and I apologize for that. November and December have been extremely busy, and quite stressful, but I’m back. 2011 has come and went, and now we are at the dawn of a new year. If you really want to know where I stand in this whole 2012 end of the world theory, I’m not a believer. Sorry Paranoia Magazine recruits, I’m not interested in joining your ranks.


Like all people in the western world, I have proposed to myself some resolutions to think about. So far the ones I will embark on for sure is to

  1. Beat Final Fantasy I, II (Dawn of Souls version on my emulator), V (Advanced on emulator), VI (Advanced on emulator, actually in progress, I’m in Mt. Kolts, as I just started). III and IV are missing since I already beat them, and the ones on Playstation, PS2 and PS3 are missing since that’ll be my project next year. I’m on way to beat more Final Fantasy’s than my brother, who has beat VII, VIII, in progress with IX, and XIII.
  2. Read more. A lot more. Planning to read at least 50 books this year. It’ll be a lot easier with my new Kobo touch ereader.
  3. Write more. On this blog of course, but for myself, just some personal works to keep the gears in my head turning.
  4. Learn more. Knowledge is really fun to come by, and learning is something that keeps us all young, right? There is so much more to learn, and I’m interested in expanding my knowledge.

I’ve also made one change this new year, and it’s got something to do with my appearance. I got me-self some bangs, something I hadn’t had since Grade 3, so ha.

So, happy new year readers, expect much more from us in the coming year, hold on to those resolutions, and live the year as if it were your last. (pun intended.)


4 responses to “Happy New Year…

  1. Hey! Happy new year, glad to see you’re back 🙂 Good luck with your resolutions!

    • Thanks Annie 🙂 Happy New Year to you too! Do you have any resolutions yourself?

      • Nah. Well, not anymore at least. I was planning on flossing my teeth every day like my dentist wants me to, but I gave up on that one January 1st. But it’s okay. My next dentist appointment isn’t until March 2013 anyway, post-apocalypse. So I figure I don’t need to worry 😉

      • Ugh, flossing can be hard to do often. And I find it really gross ._.

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