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My Nail Art

Now as Taku said in her post about how she is amazed by my nail art, I decided that the people of the world (mainly you guys that read this blog) my nail art.

*NOTE* All of these designs were done by hand no nail stampers or stickers were used*


Summer Days

Ahh yes. Lately the days have now become colder. I’m already sitting in my rathole bundled in two sweaters, a puma shirt, and yes Hello Kitty fleece pajama bottoms. So while looking through some documents, I found one of my old photoshoots, so I thought “Heck why not.” Now here it is I hope you feel the summer warmth yet again.

Photographer: Scasm

Model: Stephanie

Location: Sunnyside

My collection

Usually over the summer I do nothing but draw. But this year I had a very long artist’ block. But now I am ready to draw. My new collection is basically to show the different types of beauty women have through their beauty. Basically what I am trying to convey is that you’re beautiful no matter how “ugly” you are.

I was telling Taku this,

Scasm: lately I’ve been supporting women activism, so I’m doing a collection. And I’ll post it on sofd.

Taku: Ah interesting! Strong women are the best!Sure sure!

Scasm: >3<

Taku: ^_^

Scasm: >_<

Taku: What made you interested in that in the first place? I mean activism is a lot of work, I wouldn’t expect you to be into it XDD

It’s Scasm

Hi as you all know I’m Scasm, founder of project SofD. Right now I am extremely shy because this  is the first time I have ever blogged.>_<. But Taku has been nagging me, so now I’m here.(>_>). So please excuse my shyness and weird posts, enjoy the art and have a good day or night wherever you are.