Taku is a writer, doodler, foodie, book worm, film junkie, amateur photographer, and geek. All the technical aspects of Project SofD is up to her. She draws when she feels like it, and is not very good at it either. She just got into photography, and with the help of Scasms Canon PowerShot, and Scasms teachings, critique, and advice, she is well on her way to becoming a great photographer.

Another thing about her is that she likes to laugh and be happy. She also likes to make others feel the same, so her part on this blog will largely be her attempting to make you smile. (In other words, anyone up for some hee-hee-haws in the form of doodles, rants, and muses, rhymes-with-witches!?)

My Internet According to Mozilla Firefox:  http://mzl.la/nmjufM

Photography Posts

It’s Brick!

I’m Gonna Knock Knock Knock on Wood

Socks and Sandals

Daddys’ Straw Hat Collection

The Best Models in the World

Winnie the Pooh


Fantastic Mr. Pig

A Classic You Can’t Go Wrong With: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just Go

Macro Mode

Leather, Stripes, and Cotton

Toy Cars

Good Morning

M, I’d Like You to Meet M


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