This is for any body still even cares to come by anymore, or have given up on us, for our super long hiatus. Thank you for coming back if you did. I might close up Project SofD since Scasm started a new ulzzang project . (Ulzzang is some kind of modeling thing, look it up for more info). But, I wont shut down the blog, and will continue posting here. I’ll change the name and everything, but I’ll still rumble and ramble, but now I can go as off topic as I want! I still have to discuss this with Scasm, but here is her new Tumblr for her ulzzang business. (oh yeah, she goes by tsumetai-yuki now, it’s her ulzzang name). http://tsumetaiyuki.tumblr.com/

Please stick around, I’ll try to make it worth while!


You may speak now.

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