If you’ve read my last post, you probably recall me briefly speaking about my desk partner. His name is Richard and he is a skull. I tell him my ideas and he gives me feed back. He gives me some ideas as well. He is a cynical, narcissist, sarcastic little skull, but in the end, he’s a good friend, and is an important part in my writing.

Yes, I am aware that he is made of plastic, and has no ability to literally speak, or hear me, but he’s something of an extension of my conscious. A side of me that hardly ever surfaces. So all in all, Richard is alive.

Richard was actually given to me by my brother last Halloween, and he sat comfortably on my desk, silent for a few months. (His name was influenced by a comment my brother made about how the bottom of his head looked like a penis. The slang word for a penis is a dick, and Dick is short for Richard. Voila.)

Eventually, I started to ask him for help when I was frustrated with a bad case of writers block, not really expecting him to say much. But he did, and started to criticize me, but it did make me get things together. I got out of that writer’s block (With a lot of help from Richard), and I’m doing swell. So now, he has sat on my desk for almost a year, and he has had sizable impact on my work, some positive, some negative.

Thanks Richard.


One response to “Richard

  1. And all this time i thought you were just crazy. XD

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